07 September 2011

Joy for Joy School!!

This morning marked the start of joy school for the year. We hosted the event at our home, kicking it off with some fun. Our theme this week is "All About Me," the letter is "F," and our shape is an oval. I am starting a blog for our joy school this year so check over there for details! Hopefully at the end of the year we can give the kids blog books of our joy school year.
Here is Amelia starting her first day of joy school, year two. I made her outfit two weeks ago and held back the tremendous urge to post photos early. She totally rocked the pleated skirt, appliqued shirt, and hat. I love this fabric line from Timeless Treasures. Reminds me of fall, school, and hot chocolate.

Alison took Phillip for me (major thanks) and then invited Mia over to play afterwards until 4 pm. Everett was not so happy today. It made joy school a little challenging. He ended up crying for about an hour since he would not nap, eat, or settle down. He was not happy the rest of the day either so maybe he was not feeling well. I think we will survive joy school! This week I am investing in the Rusty and Rosy reading program by the Waterford Institute. Jacob Lance used it and practically learned to read in preschool! They also have a cool looking DVD teaching the letter sounds that I want.

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Taylor's said...

I would also suggest Shirley English - that is what they teach at Malisia's school and they have an at home packet - love it!

And seriously - I would have no patience for joy school - kuddos to you!

The Haley Family said...

Joy school rocks! Ella loves her drawing of HER! Daddy F and baby f, I love it! Mia was darling in her outfit and I LOVE that material too. I'm going to try and get one more year out the dress I made for Ella with that fabric...or maybe it will end up in Mia's closet! :) Thanks for letting master P play today and hang out with me, he was perfect! That reading program sounds amazing!

Her Royal Highness said...

That outfit is Adorable!!!! Oh I miss Mia's giggles and squeals.
Congratulations on starting joyschool up again. You are one talented, patient & fun person!
I might have to invest in that reading program, too. :)

Unknown said...

Her skirt is adorable! Zane also had so much fun. We had to hang his "body" on the wall for all to see. Love it!

Great Basin Cowgirl said...

Cute pics as always, Jenni! Mia's sass-a-frass shows through so well! ;) Miss that little girl!

glen-denise-vince-mckee-cam said...

hi jenni.
cute kids. i love the skirt mia is wearing in the top few pictures. way cute fabric.
thanks for the encouragement on the toilet training.
pain in my butt!
anyways send me your address and i'll just mail you a couple of headbands. then you can check em out and see how i made them. EASY as ever.
my email is bowns_10@hotmail.com
also after you mentioned you wanted a tutorial...i googled and found one that is similar but it has finished edges and i don't do my flower or leaves like hers....so actually it's not similar just along the same idea (http://thecarbajals.blogspot.com/2011/03/make-your-own-fabric-headband.html)
mine is more basic and easy (raw edges) and i just sew the leaves and flower on. (the flower is just one long strip of RIPPED fabric and then i just sew it on in circles.
i've re-vamped a few of my t-shirts and added those flowers on them. it would be cute on a shirt for MIA!
anyways this is a HUGE comment. sorry to take up so much space. but like i said, send me and email with your address and i'll send you some i've made.

Jess@craftiness is not optional said...

Ok, so yeah I love that skirt! Did you use a pattern or wing it?