07 September 2011

Riverside Zoo

Monday we had a hankering to go somewhere for Labor Day. The zoo was closed most of the summer after the North Platte river flooded the zoo. It reopened a couple weeks ago. We decided to take the kids up there for a fun little outing. We had a fun time! Amelia was feeding the fish and ducks when a lady asked her where she was from. Amelia responded, "I am from Nebraska, not the zoo." Crack me up. The kids loved the lion drinking fountain, the monkeys, and the tiger. Amelia especially loved petting and feeding the goats. I forgot to grab some quarters to buy feed for the animals. A couple people shared their feed pellets with Amelia to give the goats. She was in heaven. Most of the animals were back in their cages but there were quite a few empty cages as well. The Bengal tiger was in a foul mood. He paced, growled, and roared while we watched. Amelia told us she was brave so went to stand by the fence. The tiger charged towards her stopping an inch shy of the fence. She ran to me and said, "mom, I guess I am not so brave anymore!" Had we been in the wild and a tiger charged we'd all need a change of pants! LOL.
The weather was cooler so I did not bring any swim wear for the splash pad. We let Amelia run around in her undies and Phillip in a diaper. It worked out well. The water was way too cold for getting totally wet but perfect to wet your feet and legs. Phillip got caught in the water once (see the collage). He did not get wet again. Fun times. We ended the day with treats from Sonic for our long drive home. I crocheted two hats during the drive. It felt nice to crochet something again.

3 Stupendous Remarks:

The Haley Family said...

yeah for the zoo! We went to one in UT too! Everett's face is so funny when he is sitting on your lap! glad your hands are feeling better, the creations are adorable!

Her Royal Highness said...

It's amazing how safe we feel with a little plexiglass between us The Wild, isn't it?
yay, your hands are fixed! Hallelujia!!!

Taylor's said...

Yay for getting out and getting out as a family of FIVE! Wow that is still weird for me to say (type).

Amelia cracks me up! I love the little things she says. We wish you guys still lived in the neighborhood.

Are your hands and arms feeling better since E was born?

Oh, and did you take away the "private" blog? I now get your entries in real time.