28 December 2011

Purple Lip Gloss and Mascara

Yep, he got into my makeup...AGAIN. I am seriously considering installing a medicine cabinet in my bathroom near the ceiling for my makeup and bathroom valuables. I found Phillip sporting a girly look yesterday. He let me know that the color he chose was purple. It brings out his brown eyes. Add in a crazy eyes outlined with mascara for a rockstar look. His new favorite game is to dress up as Belle with Amelia dressed as Rapunzel; they play princess music and dance a waltz together. It is so hilarious. Justin is worried Phillip is walking the gender line. I told him not to worry. He is just copying the most interesting person close to his age which is a princess loving 4 year old girl. We are considering purchasing some boy dress ups. LOL.

Last night I used masking tape to make a race track and town in the basement. It was fun to make and use different toys the kids don't use very much. This morning both kids played with the track for 3 hours or more. Take care...

2 Stupendous Remarks:

The Haley Family said...

it looks like halloween make up!! :) Love the owl hat! We used to do the tape on the floor for cars and trains with the boys when they were younger!! :)

Her Royal Highness said...

Oh Phillip.
tell Justin not to worry. My brother was surrounded by girls (5 of them) and he turned out just fine. (I have a picture of him in one of my speedos when he was younger.)
Anywho. I'll have to do that car track on the floor thing. Thor got a remote control car for christmas - he'd LOVE that!