28 December 2011

Seven Months Old

Christmas must have side-lined me as this post is two days late (gasp). Everett is now seven months old. In the past month he learned several new skills:

babbling syllables like da-da or ba-ba
responding to peek-a-boo games
eating four meals plus 6-7 nursing sessions. He is always hungry
rolling over from back to tummy on occasion
sitting up unassisted, bathing in bath chair
wears 12 month pants now, he is totally off season now with Phillip's hand-me-downs (shoot-dang!)
is ever so ticklish under his chin and around ribs
favorite busy time is spent pulling items out of a box. I prop him in a corner with a short box filled with interesting objects
is quite vocal around other people, love to gurgle and burrow into my shoulder

We sure love our Everett Lynn. He reminds me of Phillip as a baby; easy going and always smiling. That makes my heart happy until I reflect on Phillip's change of direction once he learned how to walk. Either the boys will be the dynamic duo or the destructo twins. I made two new hats for Everett on our drive to Sterling on Monday! I love the wolf hat! I made a similar one for Everett Lance that looks like a fox. The ears are lined with chenille pipe cleaner so they stand up and are bendable.

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I'm so glad I got to hold him and feed him a bit during the reception! Thanks for sharing him!!!