26 December 2012

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve! It was magical! We enjoyed a low key dinner of traditional clam chowder and sourdough bread. The bread took 6 days to sour and make. It was not as delish as I hoped, a little tough. After suggesting we do a Christmas story play, Amelia was all over the idea. She had her outfit picked out in record time. We made Santa cookies then had the play. Everett was the cutest little Joseph ever! Phillip was not too keen on the play idea. He did want his monkey wrapped up as baby Jesus. Innej showed up right after we watched the Mormon Message Nativity scene. Innej brought new Santa jammies for the kids. Amelia hopped into bed asap! She said, "Mom I don't need a hot pack tonight because Santa is coming!" She routinely asks for a hot rice pack to snuggle with before bed. Silly girl. Justin and I got right to work after the kids went to bed. Phillip came out of his room as I carried an armful of gifts into the living room. His eyes light up and grew huge! He ran back into his room stat, snuggled into his blankets and made no further entrances. I was so sick but managed to get it all out and decorated. Santa even left magical footprints on the carpet with all the magical snow that fell Christmas night. Balloons popped up in the tree and Santa even left a cute note. Rudolph would not eat his carrot. He had to get some bum medicine back at the North Pole for skipping out on his veggies.

2 Stupendous Remarks:

Taylor's said...

Man you guys out did yourself! Santa's foot prints! I want those!!!!

Phillip is a hoot!

The Haley Family said...

so sweet, we used to do the nativity dress up, maybe we'll start again next year. Thanks again for letting me crash your craft room! Merry Christmas! We did santa footprints too!