30 March 2014

Evelyn at 7 Months

Oh Evelyn. You are so squishy and adorable. In all actuality she is not very chubby or big, she is much taller than Amelia ever was but weighs about the same. Her hair is starting to thicken and grow. Her eyes turned into a bronzed brown color, so pretty. Reminds me of aunt Charity's eye color.

Evelyn absolutely loves to sit up. She is very stable now and can dive onto her tummy if she wants to, she never wants to. Now when I lay her down she chirps at me in irritation, chiding me. The best development this month is that she can find and pop her binky into her mouth at night. I love the sleep suit, that thing is magical. It allows for movement but not so much as to awaken her. Evelyn is my sleepy baby. Never thought I would get one that liked to sleep so much. She sleeps from 9:30 pm-8:00 am. She naps from 9:20-noon, 2:30-4:30, and 7:15-8 pm. Crazy. We hardly go anywhere because when she misses a nap this girl gets grumpy and clingy. I am having a grand time dressing her up in ridiculously cute outfits.

She made the transition to eating solids quite well. After a month she is now eating at every meal with a bedtime snack. She nurses every 4 hours expect at night. Evelyn prefers to suck her food off the spoon. I offer her finger foods, she is slowly learning how to use her gums to mash food. Mostly she only eats rice puffs...and rocks when I let her.

Phillip can get awesome belly laughs out of Evelyn. She loves to get horse back rides from each of her siblings. Justin adores when she pats his bald head and squeals with delight...Phillip loves it too. Evelyn can play pat-a-cake, her arms flap while I sing it and she throws her arms out near the appropriate time. I see clapping skills in her foreseeable future. Her little pointer finger hangs out in the corner of her mouth most of the time. Still no swollen gums or teeth yet. We think she is the pink of perfection. 

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