30 March 2014

Dancing Man

We had another snow storm. Another. Still the coming of spring is inevitable. It will come. The buds on my lilac bush are swelling. The new green grass is poking through the browned blades. The air has a determined scent of green blooming here and there. 

I spent a great amount of time this week taking photos. Monday afternoon I spent a couple hours setting up three vignettes and sewing up another prop (newborn overalls). Evelyn was in a good mood so I took some photos of her for her 7 mth session. I look forward all month for time to take her photos. Makes me feel so happy. I crocheted up a bunny hat during our temple trip last week. She made one cute chubby bunny. Tuesday little Annabelle Rognon came to visit me with her amazing mother, Michelle. She had the cutest ring of peach fuzz around her head. With a little patience Annabelle and I got through all the poses and set ups I had planned out. The boys were equally patient during her session. I think they like it when I have photo sessions because they get to watch TV. Before I put all the stuff away I finished up Evelyn's photos. While I cleaned up my mess the boys painted rocks for fun. Michelle came back on Saturday with her four kids and husband for some sibling photos. Imagine a lot of coaxing, bribing, and waiting! That is how it works. Add in a little photoshop head swaps and Michelle will get a couple perfect photos.

Evelyn is learning how to self-feed right now. I love watching babies master the pincher move and finally land some food into their mouth. In my mind the baby's thought is: this is the best food ever because I purposefully put it there. We went to the park for a picnic on Wednesday. I put Evelyn on the ground for a moment to take a photo of her cute outfit. She immediately stuffed a fist full of dirty rocks into her mouth. The YM/YW invited me to help out with a missionary activity for mutual. The leaders organized a missionary training center for the youth. There were 4 different classes: door approaches, teaching a lesson, language and culture, and p-day. Three Returned Missionaries were assigned a group of 10-12 kids. We rotated with our group and taught the language and culture class. My class learned how to say a prayer in Portuguese and learned about Portugal. It was super fun! While I was digging out some of my mission stuff I found an African outfit I bought in Cape Verde. Everett was delighted to put it on and dance his moves for me. He can act like a little native sometimes. 

Phillip finally snapped the last shred of support on the back fence. He pushed it over with his head. Justin picked up a new post to replace the broken one. Hopefully we can get it fixed so the kids are fenced in again. Phillip thought it was a good idea to make a mud pie on the fence. Phillip brought me some drawings this week. He drew a picture of him holding his hydro bow, the circles above the bow and figure are the symbols on the power disk that goes on the bow. The second drawing is of his monster truck family. Note the shapes he drew for their faces. I feel so proud! Everett constantly only has one shoe or sock missing. His left shoe or sock always seem to mysteriously fall off. I chant the Nursery Rhyme: Diddle diddle dumpling my son Everett. Seems like every family has a kid who loses their shoes and socks. We have one who loses half his shoes and socks. 

Our RS hosted a nice dinner before the Women's broadcast. I ate a delish bowl of Tuscan soup with a salad on the side. Evelyn came with me and distracted me from listening. She decided it was much more fun to screech and sing then take a nap. We sat on the floor and tried to listen (not). 

Evelyn looked like a little ray of spring sunshine this morning in her springy dress. Everett has a nasty cough so we did not stay after sacrament meeting. Everett, Evelyn, and I explored our back alleys for new photo sites. 

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