02 November 2014

Our Spooky Week

Our Halloween week was so amazing. The kids enjoyed dressing up several times to show off their costumes at the library, church trunk or treat, preschool, and on Halloween. I used to hate Halloween, still don't enjoy parts of it...BUT...having my own kids who get excited over the prospect of the holiday makes it fun. I busted out my jangle-y pumpkin earrings and found a pumpkin shirt as my contribution this year.

Phillip had some adventures this week! Tuesday morning I smelled smoke, following my nose I discovered a plate of pancakes with 23:05 still left on the microwave countdown. Phillip made himself pancakes, plopped syrup on the cakes, and cooked up the plate. The syrup boiled holes in the plate and scorched the pancakes. He was proud of his breakfast. While the pancakes were nuking he juiced several oranges into a cup of milk. The milk curdled while he sliced the strawberries. He drank most of his handmade smoothie. Wednesday while I was making dinner I turned around to find the boys with bananas (and scissors) stuffed in their pants in exactly the wrong places. I died. I died laughing. Turns out the boys were playing "Monkey With a Tool Belt" a fun new book we borrowed from the library. Course a monkey includes a banana in his tool belt. Evelyn ate an entire flat of raspberries, she loved sticking the berries on her little pointer fingers. Tuesday evening we participated in the Booster Club's Jitney supper over at the High School. The school teachers served up dinner of spaghetti or chicken noodle. The kids enjoyed running up and down the ramp instead of eating. Evelyn totally enjoyed her spaghetti and noodles.

I ordered all the prints from the mini sessions late Monday evening. By Friday I had all the CDs burned and the orders ready for pick up. I finally made a fun stamp to use on the CD sleeves. I made it out of foam cut into the shape of my logo. It looks pretty awesome! I have never submitted such a large photo order before. That was a lot of work. Whitney rescheduled her HS senior photo session to Monday because her volleyball team is going to state on the day we originally scheduled. I have yet to even look at the fun images we captured.

I finally took some photos of Phillip and Mrs Lori doing speech. Course, Phillip is dressed up as the Silver Power Ranger! He loves learning with Mrs Lori, she plays the best games with him. Everett, Evelyn and I attended storytime. Evelyn wore a cute Cinderella costume Miekka gave us several years ago. She is improving her balance every day. Evelyn is now taking several shaky steps at a time. The ward trunk or treat was held on Wednesday evening. Each child decorated a mini pumpkin, Ella helped Everett with his...I love her tender heart! She is such a great helper. Evelyn switched her Cinderella outfit for a pumpkin fairy one, she pooped out of the princess one. She spent her time at the party gnawing on a doughnut. Justin handed out candy while I herded the cats around the parking lot.

Thursday Phillip FINALLY had show and tell at Preschool. He asked me each day of October if it was show and tell day yet. I suggested he show off his sister wearing her ORANGE outfit since the theme was orange. Oh boy! He was quite excited to bring Evelyn. We were also in charge of the healthy snack for the Halloween party. Phillip picked peach cups decorated like pumpkin faces as the snack. Everett was in heaven participating in circle time with Phillip's class. When Phillip's turn came for show and tell he picked up Evelyn under her pits and carried her over to Mrs Cassie. He showed off Evelyn. Evelyn blew raspberries much to the classes delight right when Mrs Cassie asked if Evelyn had any tricks. Everett hopped up to join the fun and showed off his shoes.

Amelia and I started up with piano lessons at home this week. We started using the 1B level of Premier lessons by Alfred. She is excited to have me as a teacher. I pray that I will not slack off for her sake. Phillip really wants to start lessons as well. Once he learns to read we can start!

Amelia had no school on Halloween because the football team made state this year again. We enjoyed a lazy morning playing inside with a box and Halloween candy. Around 3:30 the kids dressed up in their costumes to go trick or treat downtown at the local stores. The wind was chilly so I had the kids put on several shirts and pants layers. Justin met us down there for the fun. The best part was the station handing out cups of hot chocolate! Amelia ended up spilling her chocolate on her Elsa hat and costume. We raced home for pizza dinner, I had just enough time to throw her costume in the washer and dryer before we left for trick or treating. Wowsers. It was cold! The kids had more shirts and pants on this time. Phillip was impressed with the monster eyeball house. To get candy the kids had to walk through a spooky garage. That was terrifying for the little guy. He talked about the spooky eyeball house for the rest of the evening. Michelle told me about a house giving away 6 packs of Reese's cups. We visited the house to find it belonged to Mrs Margaret, Amelia's ballet teacher! We also visited Mrs Belieu's house and some of our neighbors. Everett has a nice canker sore to show how much he enjoyed his bucket full of candy.

Saturday we spent the day outside winterizing our yard. I absolutely love days like Saturday, working as a family toward a goal. I ripped out all the garden vegetation and trimmed the perennials.  Justin worked the leaf blower and lawn mower. Everett and Phillip took turns pushing the lawn mower with Justin! I pulled about 20 pounds of sweet juicy carrots from the garden. Everett started a worm collection. That kid loves worms! Amelia and Phillip made a mud pie with flowers, dirt, cast off vegetables, and water in Justin's fertilizer spreader. We worked until dinner time as a family. Swoon!

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