14 May 2016

Jeremy & Yulz Get Hitched

Technically attending a wedding with 5 small kids is a logistical nightmare. I hardly slept worrying about my kids, getting to the temple by 9 am, the kids behaving at the temple, my brother showing up to watch my kids, and etc. We got up and dressed before 8:45. A tender miracle. We rushed off in the van, halfway there I realized my camera was still at Grandma's house. Jared was still at the house (pulling out) so he grabbed my camera bag for me. Since I always seem to forget something important like underwear, deodorant, etc I stayed true to form and left my battery and charger in Nebraska. Drats. I am forever grateful to my former roommate Sarah for coming early on a Saturday to referee my 5 kids in the temple waiting room. She managed them all with the help of an iPhone, iPad, and Kindle...plus snacks. Hooray for forever friends. My brother Jeff did show up, not sure if he helped Sarah or not. Justin and I arrived just in time to wait a moment in the waiting room before going to the sealing room. We reminisced about our own sealing in the same room 11.5 years ago. What a time we've had since that day. Jeremy and Yulz looked so radiant as they sat before the sealer. We were all surrounded by family and friends in that lovely room. We left the quiet bounds of the room to return to our Indian tribe. They were all alive and surprisingly clean and quiet. Sarah reported that our kids are pretty amusing.

Jeremy wowed everyone with his amazing white tux, pistashio bow tie and cumberbund, and orange/yellow pocket square. All he was missing was a 1980's prom setting, a top hat, and cane. We love you Jeremy Jacob (train on the brain I'm a nut dingleheimer smith punk mailman). He surprised Yulz with his wedding outfit. You did good bro! All the little girls squealed when the happy couple danced out of the temple. Jeremy pumped the air with a fist. It was a good start to a long day. The photographer started taking family photos. The terrible came out of my two year old angel while we waited. I was holding the baby and balancing my camera when Evelyn put a toe into a flower bed. I told her to not step on the pretty flowers. Her response was to run cackling into the periwinkle bed. She lost both her shoes as our family was called up for our turn for photos. Instead I tiptoed through the ground cover to recover my toddler, her shoes, and wave at the staring folks in the waiting room who had a full view of the incident.

After photos the Lances with kids met at the McDonalds to feed the kids before the hangry monster resurrected. We fed the gremlins french fries and soda. It worked. They played while jamming fries into their faces. The adults visited and jammed fries into our faces. It was quite mutual. At 12:30 we convened at the Wight House for a wedding lunch. While luncheon was served each table introduced themselves and their relationship to the Bride or Groom. Justin had quite the time keeping Evelyn from conducting experiments with her juice, water, and salad. I was "working" so he managed the table monkeys. After lunch we drove down to Charity's for a couple hours. Everett, Phillip, and Josie all dirtied up their cute outfits, we had time to launder their clothes while we visited. I did drive around the temple after dropping off the older kids and Justin to allow the toddler to nap for a while. Evelyn woke up as I drove around the temple. I heard her exclaim: "Da Tempo! So pretty mom! Princess!" So sweet. Sweet Josie was quite the popular baby that day. She got held and carried around most of the time. The reception started at 6:30, we were there at 5 with a load of Del Tacos and a hamburger. The photographer was back for more family photos before the party. The older kids amused themselves playing games on their devices or with cousins. Everett thought we left him so he waited at the door being a gentleman for folks coming and going until Justin found him. I hear he was then spotted under the tables, I hope he was at least eating cheesecake under there. Phillip manned the juice station for those unable to get their own drinks. I caught Phillip taking a peek under Yulz dress: he was surprised to find two feet and two ankles. We had a talk about not looking under girl's dresses and skirts. Lots of talking, visiting, waiting in the reception line, and a bit of dancing went on. I caught Grandma Jean and took a sweet photo of the Amelia Jean's together. My kids and husband fell apart at 7 pm. I handed my camera and flash over to my dad to capture the rest of the party. So sad I missed the cake, flower throwing, dancing, and departure. It was a good thing though to get my tribe back to Grandma's for rest before the Sabbath Day.

We love you Jeremy and Yulz. Thanks for getting married and throwing a totally righteous party.

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