14 May 2016

Parasol Ballet

I love recital day! This year the girls worked on a ballet dancing with parasols. Their costumes remind me of Mary Poppins. She looked pretty with all the makeup and ballet bun. Amelia danced pretty well considering her hip disease. Mrs Margaret let her practice the second half of the year with her crutches. We could tell she was favoring her right leg and was pretty wobbly. She felt good enough to leave her crutches just off stage. She danced the 3 minute dance then fetched her crutches.

I lost my head on recital day. I brought my camera but left a memory card. Thankfully, Justin stayed home until it was near the time for Amelia to dance. We walked over a card for me. Sheesh. I always forget something. Evelyn was so excited to see Amelia skip on stage. She yelled, "RAIN, RAIN GO AWAY!" Evelyn was enthralled with the umbrellas. Phillip cracked me up after the program. He stretched out on the stage like a Sultan for a photo. Looks like ballet will be off the activity calendar for next year. Darn it!

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