28 January 2009

Dressing Herself

Sunday afternoon Amelia tried to put her pants on all by herself! She succeeded in getting both legs through a leg hole!! Goodness she is growing up so fast. We snuggled in after church on Sunday to watch the snow come down. It continued to snow all Monday also. The snow was thick enough that school was cancelled. Justin was disappointed work was not also cancelled.

I tried getting up at 6:20 on Monday morning to workout. I know that is not early at all but it was too much for me at this time. The rest of the day I felt so horrible, it must have been an exercise-induced migraine. Weird huh?? I need to figure out the best time to go. Amelia and worked on laundry mid-morning. The snow was really thick when we finally finished. I could almost imagine the mountains hugging us since the visibility was only about 10-15 feet. LOL. I am a bit homesick and really wanting my stuff back. This week I discovered we don't have a stinkin' mop. I was on my hands and knees scrubbing the floor with a sponge.

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JoAnn said...

Dressing oneself is a milestone for both momma and baby. Nice... Good to check on you a bit and see how you are Jenni. :o) Loves to you girl!