28 January 2009

Small Blessings

WaHoo!!! I am doing the vacuum dance right now!! I had J-dawg email the lady at work in charge of the "new people" about getting another chair and a vacuum. She delivered the two items today PLUS a mop for the kitchen floor. I am so excited. The chair is bar level so is way too tall for the table, thus the new chair is now Amelia's. We can eat meals as a family. I filled up half the vacuum chamber vacuuming the living room floor. Yikes...it was mostly due to me and my crafting remnants. Amelia helped by crumbling cookies, cereal, and crackers all over. My heart feels bigger having one small prayer answered. Thanks to Justin for actually emailing the lady and props to the lady for delivering.

2 Stupendous Remarks:

Courtenay Beth said...

Your craftiness is so inspiring to me. Its sounding like such an adventure in Nebraska. John is pretty excited to come see you guys, but I am begging him to wait till it warms up like april may0ish atleast. But you cna count on us coming for sure, and as soon as we can:)
Amelia is growing so much, not so much in height that I can tell, but intellectually she is exploding with new knowledge, it so fun to see, you go a great job capturing her cuteness and posting it on you blogs.
I am painting in Mom's basement tomorrow, I wish you were there to help with some deco ideas...I'll have to send you before and afters :)

ANyway, you are all missed, even J-dawg:) keep in touch!

Taylor's said...

I can't believe everything that has happened!

I totally want to see the 6 shirts! I need to start working on mine - yikes!

Keep truckin' along; we sure do miss you!