28 January 2009

Play Ball!!

We have Internet issues. Yesterday the Internet was down all day long. I made 6 new shirts to sell and made a trip to Walmart. We had lunch with Daddy at McDonald's mostly to get out of the house. It was sunny yesterday and a balmy 7 degrees outside. Justin said his hands were almost frostbitten in the morning trying to scrape out his car, the weather station reported it was -12 degrees that morning. We stopped by Cabela's to purchase some gloves for me since they were packed with just about everything else we own. It felt nice not to have icy fingers!!

Tuesday evening our ward hosted a baby shower for two ladies who will have babies in the next month. There was a delectable spread of food, I resisted and munched on my apple instead. Amelia did not follow my train of thought and instead ate some "birthday cake," which is any cake looking dessert. She recruited one of the girls to play ring-around-the-rosies with her for a full 20 minutes. Then she decided to dish out hugs to me, the girl she played with, and an unsuspecting and ungrateful toddler. As Amelia hugged the toddler, the toddler had the most delightful horror-struck face. She skedaddled as soon as Amelia released her. Everyone loved my cute little infant shirts, an apple and a cherry shirt for the little newcomers.

This morning Amelia and I tried going to the gym at 9:30 am. This arrangement worked a little better. Amelia was not thrilled at all to go to hourly daycare, but she went anyways. Maybe we need to build a little character in that little girl. Naw, she has more than enough character!!! After my workout we played in the gym with balls and hoops for an hour, mostly to make up for my conscience. Jeff called while we were playing. It was awesome to hear his voice! He should be stateside soon.

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