08 June 2010

Mt Rushmore Day 2

We started the day off with an hour or so at the Watiki water park sandwiched between our hotel(s). Amelia woke up the first day at 6:30 exclaiming that the sun woke her up and Phillip REALLY woke her up. She was geared to go play in the water. We ate a swift breakfast then headed down. Amelia was too chicken to try out the really cool part, which was a wet jungle gym area. We tried out the lazy river, then the hot tub, then the pool, then the hot tub, then the hot tub, then the hot tub. LOL! Phillip liked the hot tub too! Justin and I took turns trying out the cool water slides. The water had so many chemicals my eyes burned for hours afterwards.

There are so many attractions in Rapid City area that we had a hard time deciding what to do next. Amelia really wanted to see Old McDonald's Farm, so we went there. It was cute and overpriced. Amelia was very hesitant with the animals at first. A large draft horse bent his head and touched her nose with his then blew. She about panicked. She enjoyed the pony ride and a tractor ride. Phillip's eyes were larger than saucers most of the time watching all the animals. We watched a pig race, fed some tiny goats, and saw the 3 Billy Goats Gruff. The best part was the baby animal nursery filled with newborn goats and sheep. Even Phillip got some action while sitting on the ground and nearly mauled by babies his size. Amelia loved feeding them with a bottle. We also enjoyed the hatchery where tiny baby chicks, just days old chirruped away.

The kids were on the brink of no-man's land so Justin volunteered to take a long nap with them. I went out shopping to Target and Hobby Lobby. Right after naps we went to Cabela's so Justin could get a hat for his collection (one from each store he visits) and a family tent. Cabela's had another employee discount weekend so we purchased the tent for cost, saving over 50%! We had dinner in an old refurbished fire station in the downtown area. Amelia even got a fire hat to wear! Rapid City is full of Indian history. Next time we go I want to see Wounded Knee and learn more about the local history. We had another fun hour or so swimming with the kiddos in the hot tub before bed. Phillip is an official knee biter! He pulled himself up my leg and then slobbered all over my knee. So CUTE...

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The Haley Family said...

We loved the petting zoo!!! Fun times!!!