01 July 2010

Eight Reason to Love Temple Service

Look at how PRETTY my little garden is!!!!

Saturday we were honored to watch 6 extra kids for the day. Willie and Becky took out their endowments and then were sealed in the temple. Since the logistics were too hard for us to attend we watched kids so others could attend. Becky is our Primary President and Willie is a new member of a couple years. He was recently called to serve in the Elder's Quorum. Both are amazing members of our ward. Both Justin and I were a little worried about having 8 kids for the day. Through out the day we were both grateful things went very smoothly. The tears were minimal, the fighting absent, and giggles abounded. We had some complaining around dinner since some kids wanted chicken when they were given hot dogs. Aunt Laura Call's quote came in handy: You get what you get and you don't throw a fit. That is my new motto!

Amelia (3) & Phillip (10 mths)
Brayden (6) & Ella (3)
Dani (4) & Matthew (1)
Garrett (7) & Bryn (2)

Our Day:
Movie and quiet play in basement
Play Dough
Songs and Animal Imitations
Movie and quiet play (princess, kitchen, etc)
Sprinkler, Slip and Slide, Pool play/small babies napped
Clean up basement
Clean up upstairs
Theater, Toy Story 3

Brayden topped off the evening with the best compliment: This was the third best day of my summer! First was Cub Scout day camp and Second was a trip to Sterling water park. Justin and I both felt the spirit as if we'd served in the temple. The spirit tempered everyone's actions and emotions, making it a very peaceful day. What a blessing!

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The Haley Family said...

It was so awesome that you were able to watch everyone! You were blessed for your wonderful service!!! The kids DID have a blast! You're so organized and prepared!!! WOOHOO for a great friend!