01 July 2010

Monday Justin and I dropped ole Betty Blue off at the car hospital for some belt changes. The car situation is a bit crazy of late. Since we had to pick him up for lunch too we packed a picnic to eat at the park. Nothing tastes better than a picnic lunch! We had bologna sandwiches, deviled eggs, watermelon, cold baked beans, and fruit snacks. I packed along the double stroller so we could walk home and Justin drive himself back to work. Playing at the park after noon is not the best idea...too hot. We only lasted for some swinging then a walk around the lake. Amelia table danced for me under the gazebo. She saw tiny fish swimming in the lake much to her amusement. Phew, I was really hot after the walk home. Our little neighbor kids had a lemonade stand (for the 8th time), inflation dictated $1 for a medium cup of lukewarm lemonade. Amelia was happy...me not so much. Amelia and I had an idyllic time running through the sprinkler to cool off. She watched me running and being crazy in the sprinkler as if learning proper sprinkler behavior. We finished the evening off with a visit to Cabela's and Dairy Queen for FHE. Phillip ate an entire kid's cone and cried for more. He was shivering waving red hands and sporting a Fred Flintstone red mouth to boot. He scrunched up his face and did a funny little micro-shake when we took away his soggy cone, the scream was heard in Cheyenne.

I borrowed a sewing machine from the RS closet to crank out some orders on Tuesday. My fingers are sore from crocheting and sewing. I only have one flower to finish before the orders are done and mailed. My new serger is amazing. After an hour of threading and re-threading the serger and figuring out that it was not serging correctly because the presser foot was up some progress was made. Once it was threaded I zipped through making a ruffled onesie in about 15 minutes. So cute!

Yesterday Phillip crawled a couple coordinated paces throughout the day. He crawls then decides his tummy lift and scoot is more efficient. My brand-new Canon 7-D came via Brown Santa (UPS) after 3 pm. I feel so giddy and can hardly wait to use it! OK, I already used it many times. Probably should read the manual too! Justin watched the kids while I went to a Primary meeting to finish planning our next quarterly activity, a camping themed activity. I made a Walmart trip, ALONE. Heaven! Some ladies from our ward organized a Girl's Night Out to see Eclipse, the new Twilight movie. I enjoyed being with the ladies more than the movie. It was sort of lame-o. Sorry, girls! I am not a twilight fanatic. The books were good, but not amazing, the movies terrible. Definitely not worthy of a cult movement. One of Justin's co-workers plastered Justin's door at work with Team Edward paraphernalia, now that is funny. I had nearly 3.5 hours without kids yesterday, hmmm, sort of enjoyed the break. Thanks Justin! I am looking forward to dinner this evening. I found a luscious salmon at Safeway for a reasonable price. Super delish.

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The Haley Family said...

Cute stuff!!!!! I hope to bring back a serger in August!!!!!