08 September 2010

Third Wreck the Cake Session

Deb's twins turned one on Monday. She hosted a fun party for the twins and Phillip. We met up for a BBQ dinner. I brought my famous potato salad. The kiddos were so funny. I fed Cydahlee and Phillip baked beans and potato salad for dinner. Ro was occupied with Deb's plate. Amelia practically disappeared while playing with Deb's older girls. Rocky grilled up some dogs, burgers, and brats out on their new patio. Deb spent a lot of time making three cute little cakes for the babies. We set the babies down on a plastic sheet and let them go at their cakes. Ro poked his a couple times and tasted the frosting then went off to explore, crawling through his cake, Cydah poked hers a little longer then crawled off over her and Ro's cakes, and Phillip, well he sampled all the cakes enjoying the lack of competition. I think he won the dirty contest hands down. We popped the babies into the tub for a wash down. After diapering and clothing the babies opened a small gift. It was so fun. The babies are so fun to watch. Deb popped in a new Elmo movie and little Ro plopped down in mesmerized awe. I loved it. We enjoyed a lovely evening with old and new friends. Thanks Deb for all your work!

Just a crazy sidenote: Phillip had colorful poop the next morning: red, purple, and green with baked beans mixed in. It was like pooping red velvet cake! Gross! Ewwwww

3 Stupendous Remarks:

Madison Grunig said...

Such cute pictures! I love to see those three together. They are ALL such happy, pleasant little ones. Makes my Sunday to see their smiles. Your sweet Phillip was trying to share his binki with Keith on Sunday. I was dying. So cute.

Madison Grunig said...

Oops - binky.

The Haley Family said...

Love the birthday pictures!! Happy 1st birthday to 3 of the cutest babies!!