28 October 2012

17 Months Old


Oh little Everett. You are one amazing little boy. So opinionated, so relaxed, so uptight, so full of hugs and snuggles. This week he busted out some new words. He dropped his binky and then yelled, "binty, where are you?!" So adorable. He also learned to shake his head "no" last week. I ask him for a kiss and he responds with an "uh-uhhh" or "no-no".  He LOVES his binty. It is his precious. I should take it away but love the sight of him clinging to his monkey binky with those long dimpled fingers. Next month he will be officially nursery age. By then he will be a champ. Good thing because Justin is moving into the primary to teach a class and I get to help with the Webelos as of today. Everett loves to use a domino as a phone. He is obsessed with my phone. Whenever it is in sight he cries like a diva. His favorite game is a sound game for toddlers. Everett loves books, bathing ALONE, and milk. He HATES getting pants on, diaper changes, and wrestling when Phillip tackles him. He is practically running after only two weeks of walking. 

Everett photo bombed the set of Evelyn's cake smash. The cake was too tempting!

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