28 October 2012

Frosty the Snowman

Thursday the kids enjoyed making a snowman after school. Amelia insisted on a smiling face, carrot nose, rock eyes, and stick arms. He was decorated with brown leaves inside his snow body. Phillip pushed over the poor guy 10 minutes after we created him. Surprised? Me neither. Thursday I spent playing catch up with house work, photo editing, and playing with the kids. Towards the end of the day a lady from the Nebraska Tax Commission called me. Apparently, some jealous local photographer in town reported me to the commission. Mostly, I am embarrassed that the whole thing happened. I don't earn that much after all the expenses, probably only $500-$1000 per annum. Felt a bit upset that whomever called the commission could not come have a chat with my face to face. That is one thing the electronic age has created: folks with no balls to confront another person. 

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