28 October 2012

Trunk or Treat



**I love how Phillip will pet Everett's head and call him little buddy.
This week was ever so busy! I had five photoshoots, which is a lot for this mommy and the kids. Monday I sewed a skirt for an 8 year old girl. The skirt was a bear to sew in the first place. I had the child come over and try it on...it was too small. Even with all her measurements the skirt did not fit right. Now I have to resew the skirt before this Friday! Stinkin' bummer. Phillip had fun poking several pillows with three containers of straight pins! He is starting to group colors together. All the kids came with me on the photoshoot. I took photos of little Addi and her family. She is turning two! Amelia and Phillip took turns photo bombing some of their pictures. Good thing they are good friends in our ward. We had a fun lesson by Justin on prayer for FHE. Phillip's current prayer goes like this: day, day, day, day, AMEN. We are trying to help him insert more words between the many days. Silly kid. We had butterscotch rice crispies for treat. Yum.
Tuesday morning little Evelyn came over for her first birthday photo session. She is quite the diva. Mom and I were really concerned none of the photos turned out. I got one good smile out of 300 snaps. Bummer. I worked hard getting her cake smash set up. I used my silhouette to cut out 5 3-d chandeliers in various shades of purple. The boys and I went to the park after lunch for a couple hours. Everett loves toddling around the park even more then he loved scooting. The boys spend about 30 minutes in the swings demanding front-er-wear-dogs and under-wear-dogs. I brought some stale bread to feed the resident ducks. The pond ducks are ever so shameful when it comes to begging for food. The ducks waddled right up to us and snapped bread from our fingers. I had Everett hold the hunk of bread while the ducks picked off chunks. Everett was howling with laughter. He muttered, wack-wack num-num for a good while after the bread ran out. Phillip tried to swim with the ducks but decided the water was a bit chilly. My dependable babysitter, Miss Taylor, came over for a while during my afternoon session. Took some outdoor and studio photos. Taylor stayed through most of the session helping herd my kids out of the photos.
Wednesday was also crazy busy. Amelia came home early for first quarter end Wednesday and Thursday. I had piano right after school. Then Talyah came over to watch the kids while I took senior photos for Kelby Christian, a YM in our ward. We had a good time dorking around town finding cool places to take photos. Right after that Justin and I had a parent-teacher conference with Mrs Hamling. Amelia earned several outstandings! She excels at blending phonemes, and 9 out of 11 social and work skills. We were very surprised to hear that Amelia is soft-spoken and whispers most of the time. The only area we need to work with her on is transitioning from 29 to 30, 39 to 40, etc when counting to 100. She scored 58 on her DIBELS score, 25 is the mean score. Go Amelia!!! I am not very impressed with the amount of worksheets the teacher has then kids complete. Most are colored and finished in such a hurry that the worksheets just become busy work. It is only kindergarten.
We rushed home to get Amelia to ballet in time. We ate a simple dinner then got the boys in their costumes for the church Trunk or Treat. Amelia got dressed once ballet was over. The weather ushered in a snow storm right in the middle of the party. The YM/YW manned several stations: doughnut bobbing, cake walk, pumpkin decorating, and coloring. Pretty much it was a mass of excited hyper kids having the time of their lives. Everett was stoked about his turtle costume. He would flop over on his puffy shell and take a break. Phillip was very excited about having a mustache. His Woody costume came only two hours before the party. Phew. That was close. I love it when Everett yells "Cheese!" when I whip out my camera. He scrunches his nose and eyes. So cute. The trunk or treat turned into the hall or treat due to the 3 inches of snow that fell in about an hour.  

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