24 December 2012

Doughnut Party

I love doughnuts. If eating doughnuts were healthy I would eat about 3 for breakfast every morning. Since they are not deemed healthy I only make doughnuts once per year. My mom started the tradition of making goodie plates to hand out to friends and neighbors. Eventually doughnuts made an appearance. I dropped the other goodies in favor for doughnuts only. Last year was a real test in patience trying to make the doughnuts and frosting with the three kids. This year I wised up and invited others to join in the chaos. Maybe with more chaos the chaos would even out. It actually worked! The Wood family with little RJ and the Carlisle's came to join in. We munched on hot doughnuts soaked in almond or berry glaze or cinnamon sugar. Yum. We passed out plates of hot doughnuts to our neighbors. Then spent the rest of the evening talking and swapping stories. That is the best part of visiting.
The boys and I are trying (meaning I am trying) to spend more time outside even when it is bitterly cold and windy. We had a blast playing outside. The boys love playing basketball, soccer, and just rolling balls around the yard. Everett discovered the joys of digging in the dirt since we have a nice big dirt patch in the lawn. I love their rosy cheeks and smiles while we play.
Tuesday I joined about 7 other ladies at the Gull's home to make chocolates. Together we made fudge, nut fudge, almond roca, brittle, peppermint pretzels, caramel, peanut butter cups, and nut clusters. Everett was not enjoying himself so we left early for a lunch date with Stacey Hermes. She works at Walmart in HR. She is not active in the church. If we were not in the middle of McDonalds I would have said the time for coming back to the church is now. She is easily offended, but seriously after almost 4 years of visiting her she needs to come back. Then we headed home for naps and such. Everett's top molars are about 1/4 of the way through his gums...this week his bottom molars AND eye teeth decided to push through. Poor kid is plagued with the regular symptoms of teething. His most recent symptom emerged as the word "NO!" He says it in a whiny voice until I tickle him.  
The weather man forecasted 5 inches of snow overnight. Not a drop of snow fell overnight. Instead it came down right during the morning school rush. By noon we had a ton of new snow. The schools got out early at 2 pm. I helped the kids in Mia's class make gingerbread houses. Amelia was quick to correct me that they made milk carton houses spread with frosting and decorated with graham crackers and candy. The kids were hyped up on sugar by the time we finished. They kids went home on that same sugar high! Amelia and I went to the dentist for teeth cleaning appointments. I got my teeth cleaned first. Amelia was a chatter box. She told the hygienist that she looked much older this time than last time. Then she spotted the dentist and said, "Mom! It is Dr Boogers!" The hygienist and I about died laughing since his name is actually Dr Peckham. She spent the entire time I was in the chair deciding which flavor of tooth polish to try out. She settled on cookie dough. Then she told the hygienist that all the outdoor Christmas light break when I get near them, that is why we have no lights outside our home. Silly goose. Once at home the kids and I suited up and played in the snow until our extremities were frozen. Then we brought in great big bowls of snow to sprinkle kool-aid packs on for a snow day treat. We cuddled on the couch watching Snow Paws. I crocheted a last minute hat for a Christmas Eve gift. After dinner we skated to the church for tithing settlement. Justin helped Amelia pay her first tithing on her chore money. It was pretty awesome hearing Justin patiently explain how tithing works and how to figure out 10 percent.

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