24 December 2012

Snow Day

Thursday the boys went to play with RJ for a little while. Kelly wanted to try to get some 6 mth photos of her daughter, Stella. Stella was not having it so we scrapped that idea for a future time. Instead I went shopping by myself for a bit since my boys are banned from Salvation Army. Then I went to volunteer at Amelia's school for centers time. The kids made snowflakes to send to the Sandy Hook school kids new school. The kids are going to a new school after the holidays. The nation's schools are sending snowflakes to decorate the new classrooms.
Our kids look forward to Justin's work party all year. Amelia was extra excited this year since she remembered last year's crafts and Santa gift. The kids had dinner first since meeting Santa first would have ruined their appetites. Amelia and Phillip made gingerbread ornaments during dinner. Amelia visited with Santa first. She asked him for a crayon maker. Santa gave her a cute little pony purse. Phillip just sat and smiled at Santa. Later I asked him what Santa should bring him and he responded a "gigantic candy cane." That is easy! Everett sat on Santa's lap for a candy cane. He was a bit miffed that his candy cane was defective. He tried to get Santa to peel off the cellophane. Santa gave him a gift instead. Everett decided the gift might be better than candy. Maybe. Phillip thought his gift was the best. He rolled it around, sat on it, drummed it, and carried it around all wrapped up for a good 30 minutes. Justin helped him unwrap it. He was content with his package of Lincoln Logs. We finally showed him what was inside after we got home. We stopped off at Walmart on the way home to get Mia some snow boots. Phillip licked all the snow off the bottom of his shoes. Disgusting boy!
Friday morning I was in a cleaning mode getting the upstairs cleaned up before Taylor (our babysitter) arrived. Phillip dumped an entire box of Chex on the floor. Both boys were enthralled with the crunchy sound Chex makes when stepped on. The floor was a MESS. I got that cleaned up. Then Everett dumped a container of Goldfish on the floor. The Chex was too good to be true. He was mad I made him help me clean it up. The boys' socks were encrusted with Chex and crackers. The babysitter arrived seconds after I finished cleaning up the second mess. Justin's boss, Stan, invited a small group for lunch at his home. Susan, Stan's wife, enjoys cooking to the extent of taking professional classes in Denver. She made us a crackin' meal. Blue Cheese salad, Herb encrusted pork loin, glazed sweet potatoes, green beans and mushrooms, rolls, and chocolate cheesecake. Yum.We enjoyed a fun evening with the Wood family eating sourdough bread bowls filled with potato bacon or tomato soups. Sarah made an amazing pumpkin pecan pie. We watched Elf together. Amelia has several parts memorized, YES!!!
I caught a nasty cold/flu Friday evening. I hate getting sick this time of year. Justin and I wrapped gifts while watching "Snow White and the Huntsman." Saturday the kids and I went to volunteer at Bountiful Baskets. Amelia and Ella enjoyed a playdate. Phillip was out of his mind with joy playing with Drew and Brayden. I found him attacking snow mounds with a bat, making snow balls, and chasing the big boys around. Right after dinner Phillip brought me a business card from one of the local policemen in town. The card said "Your vehicle was in an accident, please call." Turned the card over to Justin. Turns out our neighbor backed into Ole Betty Blue crimping her hood a bit. Bummer. He parked her there before the snow storm since our facing street is a snow route. Justin and I went on a date to see the Hobbit. I was not aware this was part 1 of 3. The ending left me wanting to punch something. Maybe my headache was part of the aggression.
Sister Austead was asked to sing in church Sunday at the last minute. We practiced a Sally DeFord version of O Little Town of Bethlehem minutes before church, and for a couple minutes the night before. Talk about thrown together. The spirit must have played for me because I could hardly stand in my flu sick state. Right after sacrament meeting I went home.
So far we are enjoying a quiet Christmas Eve. Amelia is crazy happy with Christmas anticipation! We took a short trip to Sterling just to get out of town. We picked up some items at Walmart, had lunch at Burger King (it has an indoor playground), stopped at two more store then went home. The sourdough bread is rising for bread bowls and clam chowder in our future. Merry Christmas!

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