31 August 2014

Evelyn at One Year

Evelyn Justine Call. She is just perfect in practically every way. She is pretty darn cute, has nice manners, sleeps well, eats well, and is very happy and content. I seriously want another baby because of her. At the same time I also know each baby is different and we would be playing the lottery. What can I say about our Evelyn?

She weighed in at 17 lbs 8 oz, which really surprised me considering the amount of food she seems to eat. Her weight lands her in the 3rd percentile. She measured 27.5 inches, placing her in the 6th percentile. I would never have guessed she was that small. The Dr seemed a little worried about it so had her blood platelets tested, came out normal. Dr Shaw wants her to gain more weight in the next 3 months, I get to feed her whole milk...fatten her up. She did just learn how to crawl and moves a lot more than she did last month.

Developmentally, she meets all the major milestone markers. Socially she cries when I leave, is shy with strangers, loves reading books, helps me get her dressed (like straightens her arms in a sleeve), loves to play peek-a-boo. She recently learned how to blow kisses. It is about the cutest thing ever.

Evelyn can say the following words: uh-oh, hot, night-night, bye, hi, that, owie, etc. Mostly, she is duplicating the fluctuations in my voice. She loves to sing along during church.

Physically, she can get into a sitting position. She can crawl with better coordination. Seems she only crawls a couple paces, then puts her right knees down and drags her legs til she arrives at her destination. She is trying very hard to pull herself up to a stand. Her newest move was modeled by Aunt Jana, albeit clothed most of the time around here. She does the bownerina, aka downward dog, aka sticks her bum in the air and plants head on the ground. Out of all my babies Evelyn still feels the most squishy. I think her muscle tone is softer than the older kiddos. I am not worried, she practices with her muscles and is making excellent progress.

She also meets all her cognitive markers! Hooray. My favorite is the finger pointing. She loves to point at an item, grunt, poke it, pick it up, taste it, and make a decision. She found a comb on the floor the other day, picked it up and combed her hair! She also tries to copy her silly siblings. I love it when she tries to dance. Her favorite song so far is "What Does the Fox Say?" It does have a rocking beat! Her favorite toy is a little piano. I love waking her up, she rolls all over her crib now, loves snuggling with her grandma blanket, and hugs all the wubb-a-nubb binkies she can find in her arms.

Recently, she made the transition to eating table food. Today she ate a bowl of spaghetti and sauce. Yum! I am also giving her meat, eggs, and cheese. She tried out her first strawberry last week, make that 4 strawberries. She loves fresh berries, oranges, peaches, eggs, veggies to gnaw on, and any contraband food her brothers give her. Phillip gave her some chocolate milk today, I took it away much to her chagrin. She threw a baby tantrum. Too bad her tantrums are so cute. She is nursing 4-5 times per day at this time. Her nap schedule is about the same: naps 9:30-noon, 3-4:30, bed at 9pm-8am. She is waking up at 11:30 to midnight the last few weeks, I just nurse her since she needs the calories. Justin and I practically fight over who gets to put her to bed. She is so easy! The winner feeds her a snack then sings her some Primary songs while she gives the best snuggles. 

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Michelle said...

Evelyn is practically perfect in every way! I agree. These pictures are priceless and beautiful. I hadn't noticed you took some of her in the high chair after all! Love the crown. If I had to pick top 3 faves: The elf hat/bowl, The Matilda Jane bench! - that grin kills me!, and I really love that sweet smile of her standing up on the chair in the yellow dress you made her. Of course I also love the perfect cake smash as well! Okay, they're all favorites. Okay. :)