31 August 2014

Phillip is FIVE

Well, he made it to the ripe old age of five. I still remember him at 12 months climbing up on the counters licking brownie mix from a bowl. I found out Phillip was on his way to our family weeks before we moved to Nebraska. I told Justin on Christmas Day. The first weeks of our move to Nebraska were quite unpleasant, plagued with morning sickness. He finally came a month before we moved into our current home. His birth was traumatic with forceps and a spinal headache to boot. He spent most of his time in utero with the name of Voldemort. Justin followed his heart and named our little boy Phillip Anson Call. He is so, so, so a Phillip now. After the years passed his name is a huge part of our boy. He takes after his great-grandpa Phillip if all the stories are true. I will still deny loving the name of Phillip but Justin was right and our boy was named according to revelation given Justin before he and I met.

At his appointment he measured 43 inches tall and weighed in at 42 lbs. That is almost on pound per inch! He places 50th percentile for height and 59th percentile for weight. Practically perfect. Developmentally he is meeting milestones for emotional and social markers like making friends, wanting to please others, tries to follow rules (he interprets rules as well), is very aware of gender, and is highly independent. His language skills are improving, still has issues pronouncing consonants. He meets all physical markers plus a hundred extra. He can write his name, count to ten, identify the alphabet, draw basic shapes, and knows the use of household objects.

This boy has a very bright countenance. He is silly, happy, and very amusing. He can tell jokes and laughs at jokes other people tell. I think this is very advanced for his age! His favorite toys are Cager the monkey, his Hot Wheels collection, Octonauts, loves to read books about Dinosaurs, riding his brand-new McQueen bike, and playing Power Rangers with Everett. Phillip's favorite food is triceratops meat.  His favorite treat is a burger. Phillip loves to drink warm strawberry milk, it has to be microwaved for 45 seconds. Phillip's favorite primary song is I Love to See the Temple. Our boy has a vivid imagination that keeps us all entertained.

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