28 April 2014

Art Party

Last month Amelia started making a list of possible ideas for her birthday party. Can you tell she was a bit excited? We kept narrowing down the list until she had two possibilities: Frozen or Artist party. I totally played her and helped her decide on an artist party. It seemed like an easy, fun idea. I suggest we could have face painting...oh my. That hit a chord with her. She started searching on YouTube for the perfect face painting ideas. She finally decided on a unicorn Pegasus mask. Then she started helping the boys pick face painting ideas. It was the best ever!

She invited over her church class plus a couple other friends from school and church. Robbie Wood helped man the face painting station with me. Evelyn and Justin worked on crowd control for the other stations. We had face painting, water bottle spray painting, chalk paint, finger paint, and canvas painting. It was amazing. The best part was the weather. No wind. Let me repeat that: no wind. Talk about a miracle in Nebraska. Evelyn came over early to help cut a rainbow of fresh fruit. I made two cakes because the first cake turned out too crumbly. I made a white cake according to directions, it needed the egg yolks bind the ingredients. The kids ate both cakes. Most of the time the cake is wasted. Not this time! Amelia chose a rainbow cake with banana frosting. It was pretty yummy to the tummy.

Everett was so darn cute with his tiger face. He ran around with his tiger face painting things and getting dirty. Phillip decided on a dinosaur face, that lasted until he painted his canvas into an ocean. He wanted an ocean face (and arms, and neck, and legs, etc). After the party he got into the face paint and went to town smearing blue paint all over. Course he also helped Everett improve his tiger face. Amelia's mask turned out better than I thought it would! For my first face painting job it was pretty amazing. The kids got to take home their canvas, a set pf paints, and a smock. Justin said that was the best kid party he's ever been to. Now that is a compliment.

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