28 April 2014

Egg Hunt

We had 50 eye-popping colored eggs begging for some Easter-style hunting. The kids were excited to search for eggs. I think we hid the eggs 3-4 times. Everett was the most fun this year. He had the silliest expressions on his face as he found eggs. He would spot an egg then talk about how he saw an egg, point at the egg, then finally run and get it.

Evelyn FINALLY decided to roll over on her own. She rolled over Wednesday night from her tummy to back. I was not worried…yet. She is developing much like Everett did. I am not sure she will crawl; maybe we have another butt scooter. This week she also started razzing her tongue and lips. It is so cute.

The rest of the week felt really busy with unpacking, laundry, and recovering from our trip. Thursday I spent much of the day getting prepared for a Passover dinner I taught for the RS ladies. Only 9 ladies showed up, we did not get the event announced very well. I actually preferred the intimate setting. I had the Seder plates prepared with an egg, roasted meat, bitter herbs, Haroset, lettuce, salt water, onions, and bread. We read a talk given back in 1990 by Terry Treseder and watched two LDS.org videos on the Last Supper and the Garden of Gethsemane. The spirit was present as we learned about the sacrament and Passover. Justin was at work so the kids played in the RS room.

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A Chance to Learn said...

I basically never comment on any posts anymore...sorry! But, I do check your blog regularly and love reading up on your fam and seeing all the cute pics! Love ya, Monkey!

A Chance to Learn said...

Oh and apparently I forgot to log out of my tutoring account, but this is Sarah. ;)

The Haley Family said...

Bummer on low attendance. With emails, posters and handouts I thought we let everyone know well. I am sorry I had to miss, I am sure itw as wonderful!