28 April 2014

Seven Years of Sweet

Our little Amelia Jean. What a sweet and beautiful girl she is growing up to be. It seems just yesterday I was holding her sweet newborn body with those alert and wise eyes. Now she is a big sister to three siblings. She is very helpful around the house and especially keeping her brothers entertained. At 7 she:

-will finish 1st grade in 3 weeks
-is in her 3rd year of ballet
-can ride a bike, about to learn how to ride with no training wheels (she is our cautious child)
-started learning to play the piano
-is a reading champion
-can do addition and subtraction sums
-is an amazing artist, can color very well
-has neat hand writing
-loves to play house or family games with her brothers
-can put the silverware away, set the table, and clean the bathroom
-is learning how to bead, do projects that take more concentration
-is very snuggly, loves to get snuggles from mom and dad
-can sing in tune and remember song lyrics
-has a very vivid imagination
-can whine with the best
-has some amazing posing skills
-lost 6 teeth in the last year

Amelia weighs 43 pounds and is 45" tall. She wears a size 11-12 shoe and wears size 6-7 clothes.

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