26 August 2010

At least 20 J's

Friday evening the great weekend of Lance's began. Mom and Dad kicked off the fun with a BBQ at their home. We had at least three siblings represented from the Lynn and Jean Lance family. Between the three families we have 20 folks with "J" names in attendance. Cra-zay. I met up with Jessica, Rory, Sadie, and baby Charlotte before the party for family photos at Murray Park. We were all a bit crabby, it is a miracle the photos turned out. My chicken that poops smarties was a huge hit with Sadie. She loves her candy.

James manned the grill, cooking up hamburgers, hot dogs, and sausages. Everyone else brought some side dishes. Miekka escorted me into Costco to buy a sheet cake and ice cream for Phillip's "pre-birthday bash with the Lances" party. Our cousin, Joanna and new spouse, Cody were in attendance in all their newly wed bliss. Dad had everyone circle up and tell stories until dusk. We took a short break for cake and ice cream. Phillip was mesmerized by the candle flame, he touched the flame right on cue to blow out his candle. Poor little fingers got singed a bit. The lure of cake, frosting, and ice cream soon overcame his burnt fingers. Sadie, Mia, and Lia were so cute trying to boss each other around. Mia won only because of size. The other two girls will soon show her up. I felt really tired by the time we left due to running around keeping the peace and holding my babies, camera included. Phew, I should have just sat down and enjoyed the stories more. Silly me.

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