26 August 2010

Discovery Museum

Ahhh, it was so nice to sleep in a bit and have a relaxed morning. Dad, Mom, and my brothers left for the airport around 8:30 am for their LOOOOONG trip back to Amman, Jordan. Miekka suggested a trip to the children's museum at Gateway for a fun activity. We parked in the underground garage. As soon as Amelia exited the car she listened for a moment then exclaimed that "angry cows" were making lots of noise (the rumblings of other cars?). He he, I had a laugh!

The kiddos had a most excellent time at the museum. Phillip cracked me up with his short legs, long shorts, and baggy shirt. He was in heaven crawling around finding a new toy every few feet. He loved the riding toys. Amelia filled a wheelbarrow full with plastic food and checked it all out at Walmart. I love her age, where everything relates to some prominent part of their lives. Walmart is a weekly excursion for us! Justin left around 11:30 to have lunch with a former coworker from KPMG. We took the kids to lunch at McDonalds after they finished exploring the first level. Justin and I did a little shopping with Phillip in tow while Miekka took the older kids to the second level. I think the kids played with the magnet shapes for a good 45 minutes. Amelia made a square tower she was really proud of. Lastly, we visited the helicopter out on the upper deck. The kids were in desperate need of naps or "rest your leggies" time. Amelia got a two minute nap that lasted her (barely) the rest of the day. She was pretty cranky.

Justin whipped up his favorite BBQ sauce for a grilled chicken dinner. Miekka, Court, and I went to Material Girls, a fabulous textile shop featuring designer fabrics and trims. Oh man, I was heaven. I picked up enough material to make myself and Amelia matching skirts, and a second skirt for Amelia. Deciding which fabrics to choose was super fun. The girls arrived back at the Lances to find the men grilling meat in the backyard and Aunt Jana playing with the kids. Joe and Jeff arrived soon afterwards for a yummy dinner of grilled chicken, grilled zucchini, and leftover salsa. It was light and perfect for the occasion. Joe left for Air Force training the next morning down in Texas. We said good bye to him as well. I took some family photos for James and Miekka in the waning evening light, their back fence as a perfect backdrop.

We spent the rest of the evening packing up the car and getting ready to leave for Nebraska. Three thirty am came all too soon. We saw the most amazing sun rise in Wyoming. Our drive there and back, plus all the SLC driving was awesome, thanks to three Fablehaven books on CD. Gotta love a good series of books. Phillip was amused much of the trip with emptying my purse and sucking on more lollipops. Both kids slept until about eight then took a nice nap. We were back home by 12:30 pm. Within minutes our clean home was a mess again from all the unpacking. Unfortunately, it is still in shambles due to excessive blogging, laundry, and snuggling. It was fun to go, but ever so nice to be back home. Wonderful memories will linger in our hearts until the next adventure!

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