26 August 2010

Joanna's Wedding Reception

Saturday was a lovely day to just relax. We spent the morning doing something...can't rightly remember! Suddenly, it comes to me. Ha, we went over to Mom and Dad's home to visit quietly for a couple hours. It was amazing to visit with just us and them. I even cornered my Dad and showed him my photography blog. He is so busy that fluffy stuff (like blog viewing) is ex-nayed. Justin let me off at JoAnn's for 20 minutes to get sewing machine needles and browse the fabric. We all drove up to the Pettit's home around the same time. I helped Aunt Laura figure out Picasa and blogging for her personal and school blogs. Dad treated us all to a Del Taco dinner before we arrived at the wedding reception for Cody and Joanna. Mmmmm, we love Smelly Taco!

Joanna looked darling in her dress. They served Italian ice cream and cookies for those interested. I was so glad to visit with some of my great-aunts at the reception. I even visited with my amazing cousin, Kathryn, for a while. We are pretty close in age and often blurk each other's blogs. Some lady found Amelia out near the street yelling for a potty holding up her skirts. Yikes! First thing I know she is enjoying ice cream, the next showing off her underwear. I am super glad my kids did not end up in the pool, a huge possibility. We arrived home, for another late night getting our tired kiddos off to bed.

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kjha said...

It was SO fun to see you! You are just as great in person as you are on your blog :)