26 August 2010

Chillin' with Easy-Eeee

Is not this newborn the cutest boy ever? I am very proud to introduce my new nephew, Everett Micheal. He is a very sweet baby, relaxed and easy-going as long as his needs are taken care of. He is the perfect first baby for my brother and sister-in-law. He has very long fingers and huge feet, this boy will be tall! I think he was a little over 9 lbs at birth. Courtenay invited us over Thursday morning so I could play with Everett, photographer style. I still have hundred's of photos to edit so only indulged in 5 at this time. The weather was stormy and quite blustery. The light inside was dim, so I opted to conduct the photo session on the front porch. We set up a space heater directed at little Everett. He snuggled right up and let me get a couple poses in, then a nursing break, then blessing outfit photos, then my fun little lion hat. Courtenay made the quilt for Everett's nursery, I am glad we fit that in. I think my favorite part was hearing Courtenay cooing at her handsome son. Mom and Jared helped me out a bit. Jared was my support man behind the blankets, holding up Everett's head and torso. After the nursing session it started to pour rain, thunder and lightening ripped through the valley. Everett did not even notice the cool rain pelting the rest of us. I am so glad we had such an amazing bonding experience.

Justin, the kids and I met up with Sarah, Bridger, and Kenna for lunch at Cafe Rio. It was crazy loud inside. Our equally noisy and cranky kids made for an interesting lunch. Still Sarah and I squeezed in some chatting in between child complaining sessions and discipline. Her parents recently moved to Colorado only a couple hours from Nebraska. We may actually see her more often! I feel giddy thinking about more Sarah time.

I can't remember what else went on! oh yeah! We drove up to Bountiful to visit with Charity. We had a peaceful visit with just the 9 of us. Kenny made delicious BLT's for dinner. I am so glad we were able to visit them, even with crabby kiddos. That evening the sun came out creating a totally different day when compared to the nasty storm earlier. Courtenay came over with Everett to hang out for dinner. We played some games and traded silly stories about being part of a large family. Ahhh, late nights with family are the best.

3 Stupendous Remarks:

Miekka said...

Those pictures are the BOMB Jen! I can't get over how much Everett looks like Jacob in the last one. Thanks for chronicling the trip for me... Maybe I'll just direct people to your blog so I don't have to write one. :)

Courtenay Beth said...

Oh my gosh Jenni, I can't get enough of this! THANK YOU a million times over, you are so amazing! I LOVE all of these and can't wait to see them ALL!!! You are SO wonderful! Miekka's comment made me laugh, me too! hey, how do you get your blog photo's so big? I have mine selceted to be "large" but they aren't as large as yours...LUCKY! (Tell me how you do it!)

The Haley Family said...

AWESOME PICTURES!!! Your skills are getting so refined! Can't wait to be behind the camera in a few months!!! What a great trip!!!