26 August 2010

Phillip's Cuppy-cakes

Wednesday Ella and Amelia helped me make some cupcakes for Phillip's birthday. Amelia (and I) fell in love with the Pinkalicious books of late. Pinkalicious makes cupcakes as often as possible. So we finally fulfilled Amelia's "most amazing dreams" and made birthday cupcakes. I convinced her to help me make them blue for Phillip with girl sprinkles on half and boy sprinkles on the other half. It was a great compromise. Amelia and Ella played so nicely. At one point Amelia was a prince, at three inches shorter than Ella, and Ella was a princess. They danced a lopsided waltz to Primary songs in Amelia's room. So cute.

I had an impromptu photoshoot at the park with a family in our ward. Since we were at the park we invited the Haley's and the Ryder's to come play and eat birthday cupcakes. It was simple, fun, and NOT at my house. No cleaning required. Cydah and Ro practiced their cake destruction skills for their birthday in a week. How cute are they? WAY TOO CUTE. However, Phillip's puppy dog nose and scratched forehead illicits some sympathy. He spent his birthday getting more snuggles than normal, eating lots of cake and batter, and taking long naps. I made him pigs in a blanket for dinner with garden fresh carrots. Yum. We love spending time with surrounded with amazing friends, makes us miss our family even more.

2 Stupendous Remarks:

The Haley Family said...

It was so much fun to watch him eat the cupcakes!! Happy birthday mister!

Thanks for letting Ella assist in the cuppycake making, she was in heaven!!!

Missa said...

Phillip is so cute. Happy Birthday! He reminds me of Maggie's first birthday pics. She fell down our back stairs face first a few days before her birthday. Oh the memories!